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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Childrens Day Poems Quotes Wishes In Hindi, English, Marathi Language

Posted by amyneon

Happy Childrens Day Poems Quotes Wishes In Hindi, English, Marathi By Students

Teachers Day 2016 is a day which will be exclusively for teachers and on this day we give speeches and kids sing poems in different languages like Hindi which is the national language and In English which is the most speaking languages in the Schools of India, also the marathi which is the state language of India. The main difference in Poems and speech is: Speech is delivered in a plain language while speaking which mostly suits of the students above 8th class and fro the 4th and 5th classs students can sing a beautiful poems for teachers Day. Childrens make mistakes while speaking and make grammatical mistakes too so we have many poems for the students who are young and this will be in proper intonation and modulation which a kid will learn properly and never forget on the stage for listen to poems you can play the audio tracks of the poems which are mentioned below.
All the poems are for the teachers and for different post of teacher we have different poems like for Principal the words are different and for class teacher it is different and same to the subject teacher. On this website you will get the full ideas to make the greeting cards, share beautiful images of teachers day to share of whatsapp and facebook for this follow the links shown below:

Childrens Day Poems In English For Kids, Class Teacher , Principal By Students

Parents give us love and care but teacher give us the key of success which is the most wonderful thing and because of this we get opportunities and we touch the heights of success. They scold us not because they are enemies they care for us and want us to get the success of our life, now friends coming back to the poems then the list of the poems are listed below:

Childrens Day Poems In Hindi
These poems are in our native language which is very good for childrens and kids because they look to sweet and innocent while speaking hindi with their creative moves of their hands and face. 

Childrens Day Poems In English
Convent school students can deliver the poems in English which have beautiful thoughts, how to deliver this poems are also shown in the video of this poems so you can copy the same style to surprise your teacher.

Childrens Day Poems In Marathi
Marathi is the state language, if you are planning to impress your marathi class teacher then you can start the poem on the title of Guru Parv

Teachers Day Best Quotes In Hindi, English, Marathi Language:

Teachers are the source of wisdom & knowledge,
we admire you, you are the glory of life.

Teachers are backbone, if they dont be with us,
its hard to lift us in the whole life, we appreciate your job.

Make your Teachers Day Poems beautiful this year on 2016 with our efforts on providing you the fresh knowledge about the Teachers Day Quotes and poems for class teacher, principal. If you liked it then don't forget to comment and share :-). Thank You.